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Taylan Polymer, your solution partner for plastic raw materials.

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Since 1994


Years Of Experience
Leading Company In Turkey

Who Are We?

Established in 1994, Taylan Plastik has a respected place both in Turkey and abroad in the manufacture of plastic products, its own mold facility and the sale of raw materials.

Taylan Plastik, which carries out its production and sales operations in its own buildings on the European and Asian sides, works with 100% equity. Taylan Polymer provides service in a closed area of 6800 square meters under the brands of Taylan Plastik and Taygreen and offers its customers the best working opportunities.

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Your Solution Partner

With its long years of experience and trust, many international manufacturers prefer to sell their products through Taylan Plastik. That's why we can provide you with high quality and competitive prices.

Global Refineries

As a domestic and global distributor of plastic raw materials Taylan Polymer works only with internationally recognized refineries. We also offer spot offers depending on the market.

High Quality

Superior quality products of South Korea- Lotte, Turkmen and Uzbek refineries.

Best Transport Conditions

We offer our customers fast and reliable logistics.

Flexible Packaging Service

Flexible working possibilities in packaging. 25 kg plastic sack, big bag or maximum 25 tons / bulk truck.

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